We turn sound into insight

AI Based Audio Diagnostics

At SDX Labs, we make it our mission to understand the noises that surround us. As the rest of the industry solely focuses on voice recognition, we find incomprehensible noise just as meaningful. Our Audio Diagnostic solutions are universally adaptable to most sectors, ranging from industrial applications to residential home technologies.

Fueled by strong partnerships with research institutions around the world, we use cutting edge patented technologies to provide scalable solutions for our users. On top of it all, we bake them with artificially intelligent algorithms that get even more accurate over time.

Understand the noises around you

We are

Cloud Based

The days of needing powerful machines are in the past; Cloud is the future. To make sure that our solutions always have the best user experience, we fully support Cloud analytics.


Our solutions are conveniently device and platform agnostic, making it very easy for our users to integrate them into any applications they see fit.


One size does not fit all. Due to the wide range of prospective applications, we offer the ultimate customizability for all of our solutions.

Noise is any pattern we don’t understand. […] If we perceive something as noise, it’s most likely a failure of ourselves, not a failure of the universe.

– Raph Koster